Premier League Quiz: Only A Top Fan Will Pass It!

Premier League Quiz

Premier League Quiz

Premier League is one of the best European football leagues. It is known for every aggressive and tough football playstyle. There are many top tier football clubs playing there, including Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham or this year's UEFA Champions League winner Liverpool. Are you one of the biggest fans of Premier League? Can you name every team that is playing in PL? Do you know how many clubs are playing in this league every season? Which club is your favorite? If you can answer these questions with ease, then nothing is holding you back from starting the quiz! This Premier League Quiz will test your knowledge of every aspect about this English top-tier league. It will ask you questions about EPL's (that's how it is called outside England) history and many different facts, so in order to pass this ultimate Premier League test, you need to be a fan from the very beginning!

Premier League - What You Should Know To Pass The Quiz

Here are some example questions that may be included in the quiz:

  • Which player scored the most goals in Premier League?
  • Which team won the EPL the most times?
  • Which Premier League club has the biggest stadium in terms of capacity?
  • Which club has the biggest yearly revenue?

These are questions that the quiz may contain, but to make this quiz more difficult we have selected a few that will not be in it!

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Premier League Quiz - Final Words Before You Start

Finally, if you feel confident enough, and you're pretty sure that your knowledge about the English Premier League is perfect, then you can start the quiz right away! The quiz contains 12 questions. Each question has four answers to choose from. Obviously only one is correct! So, what are you waiting for? Start the quiz and see if you're Premier League top-fan! Good luck!