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We invite you to participate and ask yourself, “What color am I?”. You will find out your personality’s color by answering a few simple questions in our quiz. This knowledge can be helpful in many aspects of life, such as contact with others and establishing relationships. Know your color!

Human personality can be somewhat complicated, so Thomas Erikson, a Swedish behavioral expert, decided to compare personality types to colors. This comparison makes it much easier to divide people based on their character. There are no two people in the world with identical fingerprints, and we can say without a doubt that the same is true about our personalities. Each of us is unique and one of a kind.

You can’t deny that you have often found yourself in a situation where you didn’t understand your brother or what your boss required of you. Sometimes, you thought the people closest to you were behaving a little strangely. These events boil down to one thing – everyone has a unique personality.

So why is it so difficult for us to communicate with other people? The psychologist described the theory of personality colors in his books. These books quickly became worldwide bestsellers.

What Color Is Your Personality?

Our personality is a kind of kaleidoscope of colors. We can distinguish four primary colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. Interestingly, only a tiny percentage of people are “monochromatic.” The vast majority are a combination of two – or more colors. What color am I? If you have trouble understanding your loved ones, show them this. Find out together which colors are dominant, and maybe it will make it easier for you to find a common language.

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This personality color is dominated by decisiveness. Such people are eager to act and strive for their desired goals. In addition, they are ambitious, stubborn, and fond of competition. “Red” people often seem to be selfish egoists who always have the last word.


People in whom the color green predominates are generally calm, balanced, and friendly. In addition, “greens” are trustworthy, helpful, and resourceful. They try to alleviate any conflict and make those close to them feel good.


Blue people are logical, curious, thorough, and focused on a predetermined goal. In addition, they are characterized by diligence and high demands on their environment. In addition, such people are not the easiest to live with. They demand a lot from themselves but also from their partners and friends.


People who are dominated by this color belong to the group of eternal slackers. They wear rose-colored glasses and are full of enthusiasm and optimism. “Yellow” is, above all, a confident and courageous person for whom there are no limits. At times, he has crazy ideas, which he tries to implement with the tenacity of a maniac. People around a person with a yellow personality often see him as frivolous, childish, and irresponsible.

How Do You Recognize A Particular Personality Color?

In addition to solving our “What color am I?” quiz, which will clearly answer this question, we will also give you some examples of how to recognize a person’s color.

Just one spoken sentence and everything will be clear.

Let’s say you plan to go out to a restaurant with your partner. Here’s how each color will approach the matter.

Red Type

“I’ve already chosen a restaurant and called to book a table. Everything is taken care of, and we have an appointment on Saturday at 8 p.m.”

Blue Type

“First, we have to check the prices of the restaurants, the reviews on Google, the possible access and the type of food served.”

Green Type

“We’re going to a restaurant? Great! As for me, a simple fast-food is enough. It’s all up to you, I’ll adjust”.

Yellow Type

“You want to go to a restaurant? Sure! I just talked to my friend; he and his wife have similar plans. Let’s join them and pick something together. We’ll have a great time!”.

What Color Am I Quiz – How To Play?

You are just a few questions away from finding the answer to your question. You will find out what color or colors reflect your personality type in just a short while. Most people are a mixture of three colors, where one of them predominates. However, there will be people who are one color or a combination of two colors.

Finally, if you are having trouble getting along with your loved ones, try to determine what color dominates you and then your loved one. This will help you find the key to understanding them better.



Meet Thomas, a seasoned psychologist, and psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the field. Thomas has a passion for helping people understand themselves better and overcome life's challenges. He uses his expertise to create fun and engaging quizzes on various psychological topics to help people learn more about themselves and their emotions. Aside from his work, Thomas is an avid traveler who loves exploring new cultures. He believes that experiencing different ways of life can broaden one's perspective and lead to personal growth.

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