Amino Acids Quiz: Can You Name Them?

amino acids quiz

Amino acids are a group of organic chemicals. They contain a basic amino group and a carboxyl group. Many people say about amino acids that they are "building blocks of protein". This is the correct term because their main function is building protein. The forms of amino acids we can include are short-chain - i.e. peptides, and those with a long chain, i.e. polypeptides. If you have a problem with the concept of basic definitions or differentiation between individual amino acids, then this Amino Acids Quiz is definitely created for you! Thanks to this short test you will be able to check, but also consolidate your knowledge about amino acids and all issues related to them.

Amino acids - How Do We Divide Them?

  1. exogenous amino acids - the body is unable to produce them by itself
  2. endogenous amino acids - the body is able to produce them by itself
  3. hydrophilic
  4. hydrophobic
  5. glucogenic
  6. ketogenic To find out which amino acids fall under the above-mentioned items, check this page on Wikipedia.

The use of amino acids, e.g. BCAAs, is especially recommended for people practicing sports, mainly bodybuilding. However, if you care about bodyweight with the lowest possible fat tissue, which leads to a lower risk of such diseases as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, then while doing sports you should also think about amino acids.

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Amino Acids Quiz - How to Play?

Amino Acids quiz is created to help you consolidate your knowledge about amino acids. Each question contains the structural formula of given amino acid, and your task is to guess what amino acid is depicted in the picture. Isn't that simple? We recommend you take the quiz several times, and it will definitely help you remember individual formulas. The quiz contains 10 questions. Amino acids will be divided into polar side chains, non-polar side chains, acidic side chains, and basic side chains. Are you ready to start the quiz? Good luck!

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