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which gossip girl character are you
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Although we disagree, many believe that Gossip Girl is a production for bored teenagers, students, and their colleagues. After all, this series is full of many interesting and intriguing scenes. Actors also prove themselves in their roles. So it’s time for that long-awaited question – which Gossip Girl character are you? Serena? Eric? Nate? Howie? In a moment, you will know the answer to the question that bothers you.

Gossip Girl is an American youth drama by The CW, the authors of such hits as “The 100” and “Riverdale.” The series is about a group of young friends from rich backgrounds. And although it officially ended in 2012, it is not losing popularity at all. Until recently, we could watch this production on the Netflix platform. 

What a beautiful time to live, eh? Not only do we have a choice of hundreds (if not thousands) of series that we can watch for hours, but right after a successful screening, we can Google various relishes about a given series. This is how you got here; you are one of the lucky ones who will soon find out which character from “Gossip Girl” best describes their character. If that was not enough, Quizondo offers hundreds of quizzes on various, sometimes weird, topics. What about “which Umbrella Academy character are you?”

Which Gossip Girl Character Are You?

Let’s take a look at the acting layer of Gossip Girl. After all, the cast is pretty good. Dozens of different personalities complement each other. Sit back and enjoy the description. Afterward, read the quiz rules, and we will finally answer your question: Which Gossip Girl character are you?

Blake Lively plays the role of Serena van der Woodsen. Connor Paolo plays her brother Eric in this series. Kelly Rutherford plays Lily’s mother. Chace Crawford plays Nate Archibald. Francie Swift plays Anne Archibald. Howie Archibald is actually Sam Robards. Nate’s buddy Chuck is an acting Ed Westwick. His father, Bart, is played in this series by Robert John Burke. And we can mention them like this endlessly. Yes, the series has a wide variety of actors. So, let’s narrow down the group of characters a bit and focus on a few, in our opinion, the most important.

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Serena is a warm and friendly person. She is very trusting and kind; she has faith in people. At times, she lacks responsibility in several respects; it happens that she is late or does not perform tasks as recommended. In addition, she is charismatic and somewhat mysterious. Additionally, she is a woman with a charming, nice, and laid-back personality.

Blair Waldorf

Blair is an incredibly ambitious woman who is not afraid of anything. She rarely leaves success to chance and tries to take fate into her own hands. In addition, Blair is dominant, manipulative, and loyal. She is a person who has almost everything and yet still wants more. Despite her many flaws, she can be sensitive and compassionate. Additionally, she is very loyal and devoted to her friends.

Chuck Bass

Chuck is a person who is focused only on himself. It is impossible not to mention his quite specific sense of humor. Despite his self-centeredness, it also turns out that he is very loyal to his close friends. Initially, he displayed strange, even sociopathic behavior. Over time, he grew up a bit and changed. In addition, Chuck is witty, intelligent, and sensitive.

Dan Humphrey

Dan is an intelligent, kind, and helpful man. He cares for his loved ones and is very caring. He had been convinced of his righteousness in the past. In addition, he has a rather specific sense of humor or rather the lack of it. Dan is also quite clever, understanding, and down-to-earth. He is distinguished by diligence and goal orientation.

How To Play The Quiz?

This quiz will give you a slight taste of your feelings while watching the series. You will return to those beautiful times when you sat in front of the TV and enjoyed your favorite TV show. Now, all you have to do is answer 15 questions to determine which character from “Gossip Girl” best describes your personality. Ready? Which Gossip Girl character are you?



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